Friday, October 16, 2009

what I am up to...story slam on OCT 26th 2009

We knew we had to bring the mouthoffs inside and that Toscis was kind to let us take over on the odd MON but we couldn't really grow and be fair to their clientele. So, we were looking for a place for October when we got, well, ambitious? And some surprisingly good things evolved...this just in, The next slam dates are set --NOV 23rd and DEC 14th same place and same time.

"...because you have a mouth, you have a story..."

massmouth challenges all comers to bring their stories to their first story slam on October 26th at 7pm. "...because you have a mouth, you have a story..." and you can be a part of a new story scene right in the center of Boston at "Kennedy's Midtown at 42 Province Street, upstairs.

What is a story slam ? Based on a poetry slam format and simila r to American Idol, a story slam is a contest of words by known and undiscovered talent. Like the Moth, who will visit this month at the Tsai center, massmouth posts a theme on it's website ( and story slammers will sign up on the night to tell a 5-minute short story on the evening's theme. Ten lucky tellers will be picked at random and other audience members may be drawn to can join in on a judging team. Like the famous Moth story slams in NYC, there will be 3 teams of 3 judges. Unlike the Moth, each set of 5 stories will begin with a short-short feature by one of the judges. Listeners will be engaged in story improv games and other interactive entertainments between each 5 minute feature.

Each of the featured 5 minute stories is judged on how well it is told, how well it is constructed and how well it honors the time limit and relates to the theme. The 3 highest-scoring tellers are awarded prizes and an opportunity to perform at the "the big mouthoff" venue and date TBA. Prizes will be awarded at each slam. There is a $5.00 cover and a one drink minimum. This month's story slam theme is "scared to death ". Plan on a night of live story and tales of fear, terror and dread, which may be supernatural or real as mud.
For details, rules and future slam dates: Norah Dooley c. 617-460-3544 add in your cell ? for who ever wants calls...

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