Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thanks Albany, family and friends

My heart is full and my head so full of words I cannot think of what to write first. I guess the first big thanks is to the Riverway planning committee who thought to have me. And then to all the librarians, storytellers and other volunteers who work so hard all week and all year to make the Riverway such an amazing event. Just phenomenal. Mary Fellows of the Upper Hudson Library System and co organizers, Barry Marshall and Geri Burns (they are the StoryCrafters) who make you feel like a treasured friend and contributor. And Barry who carted us from hotel to each performance space. And then the other featured tellers, Gayle Ross, Baba Jamal Koram and Leeny Del Seamonds who were so generous and kind to me, and John Porcino, new to the festival scene tellers. The sound was uniformly excellent, thanks to the fine work of Mike Seddon and Josie! Grazie, car'amici! Every one was so welcoming. The emcees were terrific. I loved my school gig in Clarksville, NY - what great listeners the students were. I was especially moved by the youth storytellers,their mentors and teachers,( Mary Murphy, Darlene Miller and so many others) Stephanie and Sherwood who performed with us - ? - you guys rocked my world! I mean it. Teachers - the work you do inspires! And those kids were shining yesterday. The Capitol area storytelling community was fabulous. The show case was excellent it was wonderful to see our New England tellers ( Andrea Lovett, Cindy Marshall and Rona Leventhal ) so well received. All the audiences were warm and loving. If I have not mentioned YOU, I have not forgotten you. I tell you - I am deeply grateful to ALL. I am flying. Will be hard to go back to the 4th grade grind.

Last and certainly not least, thanks to Robert for gracioulsy combining his birthday celebration with my work and to las chicas muy guapas, Rosie and Vika, for coming to Albany.

Albany NY, Riverway Storytelling Festival!

FR|Left to right:John Porcino, Leeny DE, Mary Fellows,
MR|Norah Dooley, Charles Keirnan and Gayle Ross
BR| BabaJamal Koram and Barry Marshall
Wow! What a fun festival. We are having a blast,listening to each other tell amazing stories.New Englanders would do well to come on over to Albany, NY and check out this festival. An amazing chance to see some people from the Northeast and out of the area BabaJamal and Gayle Ross - and all the rest are not to be missed. Here:
Riverway Festival
Also 3 LANES tellers are showcased this AM
"Click here for information on all of our 31 events, and don't forget to check out our 2008 Festival tellers! Leeny Del Seamonds, Norah Dooley, Baba Jamal Koram, John Porcino, Gayle Ross, and many more tellers will be onstage for your listening pleasure."