Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pirate Mary Read in AUG 2009

Dressed as pirate Mary Read, performer and storyteller, Norah Dooley, puts into port in Boston, starting July 6th. Her message: "Literacy, mates. It is the sea that raises all boats! "

Mary Read's Schedule:

AUGUST MON 3 Roxbury Tour
10:00AM Dimock Community Hlth Ctr 1800 Columbus Avenue 02119
11:15 AM Paige Academy 28 Highland Ave Roxbury 02119
1:00 PM Sociedad Latina 1530 Tremont Street , Roxbury 02120

AUGUST TUE 4 Cambridge MA
*10:30AM Arts in the Park Dana Park 74 Magazine St. 02139 *sponsored by Arts in the Parks a City of Cambridge program from Dept. of Human Services

AUGUST WED 5 Jamaica Plain and Roxbury
10:00AM JP Head Start, 315 Centre Street 02130
11:15 AM Bromely Heath, 30 Bickford Street 02130
1:00 PM Yawkey Club 115 Warren Street, 02119

AUGUST THUR 6 Roxbury + Dorchester
10:00AM YMCA, 285 MLK Blvd. 02119
11:15 AM Crispus Attacks, 105 Crawford Street 02121
1:00 PM St. Katherine's 175 Ruggles Street, 02120

READ BOSTON schedules 20 minute shows all over the city - free and open to the public...Performing for summer camps, libraries and community centers, Mary Read will tell tales about the people she sailed with in the Golden Age of Piracy, and the wonders of the 7 seas.
You can see video about Read Boston here: or videos of Norah as a storyteller here:
Recent past performances:
10:00 AM Ellis Children's Center 66 Berkely Street, 0211511:15 AM Wang YMCA 8 Oak Street, 021161:15 PM Salvation Army, 1500 Washington Street 02119 10:00 AM Jeffries Point, 425 Summer Street, 02128 11:15 AM EB YMCA, Guild School, 195 Leyden Street, 02128
1:15 PM EB YMCA, Guild School, 195 Leyden Street, 02128 10:00 AM Yawkey Kreyol Center,185 Columbia Road,02121 11:15 AM Egelston Square Library, 2044 Columbus, 02119 1:15 PM Perkins Community Ctr. 15 Talbot Ave. 02124

ABOUT MARY READ and the program:
In the early 1700s Mary Read disguised herself as a sailor to survive in the harsh world and became a pirate quite by accident when her ship was over taken and she was captured by the crew of Captain “Calico Jack” Rackham. Norah tells Mary’s story in the first person brandishing pistol and sword and sharing pirate lore and secrets and multicultural stories from her sea bag. Norah plays pennywhistle and leads songs and sea chanties, including: John Kanaka, The Mermaid, and Run the Riggin’ Again. While in port, Mary provides historically accurate and engaging fun for all.

Showing a copy of Ships Article's signed by
'Mark' Read, 'Andrew' Bonny and "Calico" Jack Rackham:

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Answers to the T F Pirate quiz ( see pdf.) :

T √ 1.The name “Jolly Roger” may have come from jolie rouge –French for “pretty red”
T √ 2.Pirating was not for sissies.
T √ 3.Buccaneers were pirates who lived on meat from cattle and pigs in the areas of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Their name comes from the French word for outdoor roast or barbecue. Their name comes from French cooking frames used by hunters in France to smoke and preserve meat.
F √ 4. Pirates were more likely to smoke out foes below decks using stink pots rather than fight it out down below. If they needed to go down below they probably covered their eyes for a minute or two (if the situation permitted it) and then headed below. They would not wear eye patches. This is the same method soldiers use today (if they lack night vision equipment).
F √ 5. There are no historical cases of people being made to walk the plank. Pirates marooned,shoved overboard or hacked their enemies to death. Not very nice folk, really.
F √ 6.Pirates didn't have much gold or silver to bury and most pirates had a 1 - 3 year "career". Very few saved for a rainy day or retirement. And “booty” was often food stuff, gunpowder and other supplies. The idea of a buried treasure was made popular by "Treasure Island".
T √ 7. Ooo la la! and “Ho ho ho and a bottle of rum!” In 1655 when the British fleet captured the island of Jamaica the British Navy changed the daily ration of liquor given to seamen from French brandy to rum. The practice of watering down the rum began around 1740 a mixture which became known as grog.

F √ 8.When pirates were caught, they were brought to trial and sentenced to death by hanging and hanging was referred to as “dancing the hempen jig”
T √ 9.Bless their merry souls, pirates had such cute names for things.
T √10.Piracy is a big problem in the Pacific and Indian Oceans and particularly along the coast of Somalia. Modern day piracy accounts for $13-$16 billion dollars in losses annually.
T √ 11.Shi Xainggu (better known as Cheng I Sao) was active between 1801-1810 in the South China Sea. She commanded five to six squadrons of 800 large junks, about 1,000 smaller vessels, and between 70,000 and 80,000 men and women.
T √ 12.Clever and new agey before their time pirates may have known that the ear lobe is an acupuncture point for several eye conditions. It is quite possible that the practice of ear piercing was brought to the west from the eastern trade routes.

RIDDLES answered Riddle Me This

1. Your promise
2. A towel
3. The letter M
4. Footsteps
5. Counterfeit money
6. A lobster
7. A red-hot poker
8. Water, fire, earth, wind
9. Rain
10. Your name
11. Silence
12. A hole