Tuesday, January 5, 2010

resolved to dance

I resolved to take a dance class this year. I had been saying I needed to do some dance before I shuffle off this mortal coil for years now. This class would be my first dance class, ever in my many decades as an adult learner. I went to the Dance Complex in Cambridge, where for years I had wistfully ignored the call of the djembe from the upper floor windows. What with this and that, I arrived late for the class and the drummers were already in full swing. I decided to sit and watch at first. I am very dyslexic and instructions about feet and right and left and copying movement in reverse is very,very hard.... No. It is impossible. BUT I love to dance so I sat out tapped my feet and watched. The instructor was genuinely welcoming as she pulled my chair up and put an arm around me as she guided me to sit.

I sat through the warm up. It was 45- 50 minutes of stretches and constant movement to amazing drumming. Clearly "before I die" could easily change to "when" and that might well occur during the "warm up". But , it looked like so much fun and the drums were so compelling I will be back in two weeks and doing what I can.