Saturday, November 8, 2008

What President Obama means to me...

We in the US are good people, not all the fools we are thought to be. And those who said, as many did , that in privacy of a voting booth white voters would be not be able to vote for a black man were wrong. The numbers show it. We are, as a people, as an electorate, thoughtful and fair judges of character. We are not prejudiced but open to ideas and policy on their merit. We are not the people FOX news tells we are - or to be. President Obama! Yeah! Those words make the people in the USA seem reasonable and intelligent - something that has not happened in the last 8 years. I thought the election of Obama showed who we really are. It makes me glad beyond words. I feel like we are finally waking from an 8 year nightmare.

Whatever else happens after this election we now have the numbers to show - there are and always have been more good people than morons in this country. We just have had some very BUSY bad people running the joint. Good people must be active to make a diff - like Yeats says "The best lack all conviction, while the evil are full of passionate intensity."
Avanti Populo !