Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bike Fridays - commute/Boston AUG 28th

RIDE INTO WORK WITH AN EXPERIENCED CYCLING GUIDE! August 28 and October 30 ( from their website) "Talk about a grand entrance—you and a convoy of your fellow bikers all escorted into the city by experienced cycling guides. Really, how could you pass that up? What’s more, at City Hall Plaza you can enjoy a free breakfast burrito and yogurt parfait courtesy of Boloco, tour the Bike Expo featuring tons of great gear from local bike shops all while listening to WZLX live. And still get to work on time. That’s the deal on Bike Fridays. "

Bike Friday is fun. There is an exhilaration that comes from filling the roads en masse and when looking for exponential leap of exhilaration, I roll with the work and energy of Critical Mass " a vision of a happy, bike-friendly world replacing our polluted, congested roads, a protest for better cycling facilities and against car culture, a mobile paean to bicycling’s joys, a merry ride downtown and through the neighborhoods with friends, and more – all rolled into one convenient monthly ride right after work! Critical Mass is a party on two wheels to celebrate bicycling – a fast, friendly, clean, efficient, healthy, cheap, sensible, and fun way to get around the city. Critical Mass is not an organization. It is a coincidence. It is a xerocracy. Make your own flyers! Make a route map--maybe it will be followed! Bring a sign, noisemaker, or cupcakes to the ride! We ride on the last Friday of every month at 5:30 PM in Copley Square."

I love to ride my bike to shop, to visit, to play and to work. I ride wherever and whenever I can. My sister bought me a beautiful and comfortable bicycle for my birthday last year and I invested in some commodious and waterproof bike bags that clip on and off with ease - so I can carry a small amplifier, cables, a mic and a mic stand, water bottle and my journal etc. without straining my shoulders or back. But waterproof panniers aside, I shy away from rainy day riding- I am just that much of a chicken. A little drizzle is okay. Or a ride on a bike path + falling water ? I am in. It seems that Boston drivers, who have so little patience or attention for bicycles under the best of conditions get dangerously stupid and blind the minute there is one drop of moisture in the air. Add to that the fact that my glasses are not for show and have no wipers and it is scary. Random pedestrians have asked me 5 times in the last few weeks if I was not scared to ride the streets of Boston. Hellz ya! I mean, I would not still be alive if I did not have some healthy fear focusing my attention while riding. Though an avid multi-tasker I just ride. Really. I never plug up my ears with an iPod, rarely talk on my cell (speaker phone in extreme situations only) and have trouble texting even while sitting still. So texting and checking email while riding is right out.

Looking forward to many fall and early winter days of biking to work as a freelancer and unemployed artiste. Sweet. I want to say that I am missing the start up of school but simply is not so. I loved the kids and miss them very much. But, there is no longing for the lack of congeniality, and mad, unbearable work load of last year. Instead, I am missing my mother and as I am less busy and have time to reflect I am beginning to feel the loss and the awful sudden finality of her demise more rather than less.

* Photos by Rosie, the amazing and Music by Rupa + the April Fishes ( I believe that Poisson D'Avrile means April Fool in French)