Monday, July 30, 2007

4th annual 2 week Shakespeare workshop Much Ado about Nothing

We, Royalston Shakespeare Company,
put on our 4th annual 2 week Shakespeare workshop
culminating in a performance of Much Ado about Nothing
[pictures by Melanie Mangum below] with 35
kids from Royalston and surrounding towns.
Directors, Maureen Blasco, Norah Dooley and Beth Gospodarek
had a blast and thank the Town, the Arts Council and the
Friends of the Phinehas Newton Library for their continued support.
We set the play in an imaginary place in the 1960s and were invited to plunder the local Salvation Army stores for the costumes. Thanks to Major Copeland!

I am happy to send you a mix cd of the rocking sound track on request.

Much Ado about Nothing

the pictures above...

Da' Duke and his homies enter -they received an ovation for their entrance-
Beatrice disses Benedict (played by Rosie in a transgendered state)-
Guys talk about girls Claudio is in LOVE-
Hippy Dippy Peacekeepers in Tie Dye armed with Whiffle bats and badminton racquets-
Dissed Hero Swoons at altar,left for dead-
Baddies apprehended-
All is well that ends well...oops wrong play, dancing at the happy ending
to Let the Sun Shine In-