Thursday, March 11, 2010

Haiku Contest

Back in the day, when I was a starving,cab driving, art student -  a group of us SMFA students started a small gallery and school in Boston, right near Symphony Hall with one of our teachers. But that is a long story. To make it short, the school still exists and they hold a yearly haiku contest. Haiku is my fave poetic form - likely that I admire brevity because I talk too much? Anywho, I do find bloviation in others, an abomination ( 5 minute stories anyone?) Please pass on to your elementary school friends and anyone else you can think of - no age limit for entrants.

    18th century poet, Issa is one of my favorites....
  • In my old home
    which I left, the cherries
    are in bloom.
  • A giant firefly:
    that way, this way, that way, this -
    and it passes by.
  • Right at my feet -
    and when did you get here,
  • My grumbling wife -
    if only she were here!
    This moon tonight...
  • A lovely thing to see:
    through the paper window's hole,
    the Galaxy.
  • A man, just one -
    also a fly, just one -
    in the huge drawing room.

22nd  Annual  Kaji Aso Studio  International Haiku Contest

Deadline: April 15, 2010

First Prize: $250   Second Prize: $150   Third Prize: $50
Senryu Prize: $50      Elizabeth Searle Lamb Award: $50

The entry fee is $2  per haiku or senryu.  There is no limit on the number of haiku or senryu.  Please pay by check payable to Kaji Aso Studio .

Please type, computer print, or neatly write your entries on two identical 3``x 5`` cards or 8 ½`` X 11`` sheets of paper. One card or letter-size sheet should have your name and address on its back.

Check out the winning entries and honorable mentions from previous years (along with pages of beautiful art and fascinating info about Kaji Aso Studio ) at

All rights will revert back to the authors after May 31, 2010.  

Send submissions to:
Haiku Contest
Kaji Aso Studio
40 St Stephen St.
Boston , MA 02115