Monday, May 19, 2008

Loren Niemi at Passims

We went to Fata Morgana with Loren Niemi tonight.

We took a lot of taxis.We walked part of the way. There were deserts and oceans and an oasis. And there was a baker, a contessa, a murderous victim of violence and a map maker who looked like Santa Claus and was a Jungian psychologist and laughed some people's pain away. There was also a dervish who had red dreadlocks and mojitos were served. A police riot and a little red dog that might have been a fox also came into the story. Murder, rape and toe (or was it finger?)sucking played their roles as well. I was bemused, beguiled and sometimes, bewildered. Loren has great charm, warmth and wit. And a "seething brain". I was never bored.

Two of many take away thoughts -
1. Who the hell was Fata Morgana ? I thought I knew but I wanted to google so bad as I listened.Here is the quick version from wikipedia:
Fata Morgana is the Italian name for Morgan le Fay, the fairy half-sister of King Arthur (both "fata" and "fay" mean fairy.) The other uses of the phrase below derive from this use, all meaning an illusion, or illusory prospect: A Fata Morgana (mirage), a mirage and optical phenomenon

And my fave line, hope I am not mangling it?
2. "
Respite or destiny ? Your choice. They lead to the same place".

What did you all see, hear, think? I'd love to know.