Monday, October 29, 2018

2017 a recap


Wow, so much to catch up on! Getting through 2017 so 2018 can happen BEFORE December. 

January 2017: Started with a night of traditional storytelling on DEC 30th thanks to Doria Hughes "Get Folked" show. We got snow shoes for Xmas and we had snow soon after. Magical! I had a residency teaching third graders for YA and was invited to be a member organizer for SEIU509.  I also had been invited back to Tokyo to lecture on storytelling and was able to visit with dear friends Mitsue and Bruce.  I learned to chant "Build bridges, Not walls! Peace and Justice for us all." in Japanese when Bruce and I joined the Women's March in Tokyo.  Came back to the travel ban, teaching at Lesley University and starting my job for SEIU. Crazy busy January!

February: Started working for the union... fell of the radar.

March: More work, more teaching.

April:Worked a lot and combined union work and storytelling at the first ever faculty story slam at Club Passim.  Tales Out of School - Adjunct Story Slam pt.2 of 2

May: Worked a lot, more teaching and union work.

June: Jeez, kinda seeing a pattern emerge here. Worked a lot, teaching, storytelling for SaveTheHarbor, ReadBoston and union work. Filmed a story for's Stories from The Stage More about that in another post.

July: Storytelling for SaveTheHarbor, ReadBoston and gardening and

August:  Storytelling for SaveTheHarbor, Raed Boston and in Tanzania!

September: Worked a lot, teaching storytelling at Tufts and Lesley Us and union work

October: Worked a lot, planned a retirement party and business launch and broke my foot all on the same day. Husband had knee-replacement.

November: Recovery and PT

December: Getting better and better. So much better we went X-country skiing- slowly.

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