Saturday, August 31, 2013

Takao Shinzawa, artist and friend

You know how sometimes you get invited to a show of a friend and you wonder...will I have to say nice things and think bad things? My long-time friend Takao Shinzawa,  has had several shows in JP lately. And I have had no such trouble. For decades I knew Takao as a talented musician but I was blown away by the depth and character of his new visual work.

Shinzawa’s careful renderings reveal a sense of awe in the details of everyday life. His works also resonate as a silent hymn to the unexpected beauty found in urban places. Every stroke and line of Shinzawa's drawing attends to living objects and bricks and mortar with equal sensitivity.

I first met Takao when he came to the US from Japan thirty years ago, and has been living for 24 years in Jamaica Plain. He has always painted and drawn from real life. Takao is a gardener and dead-funny commentator on modern life, who also works part-time at Mass Art. Shinzawa is a classically trained flutist and has studied with Doriot Anthony Dwyer. In addition to western flute he plays Japanese flutes called ryuteki and komabue which are integral to Gagaku dance and ceremonial music; a musical form with an unbroken history stretching more than a millennium.  To find out more: Contact Takao Shinzawa: cell: 617.721.1371 • • email: Or say hello as you see him sketching in the neighborhood!

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