Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Sweet Doing of Nothing July 23rd,2011

Patti is the gardener.  We appreciate and eat.  She plants, weeds and waters.

Our first day of official vacation involved rising early and paying bills, answering and emptying email in-boxes until 3PM. This seemed an inauspicious but necessary start to a week without internet and sometimes even without cell phone as we would see once we were au Canada ( O,Canada ?). I felt guilty for being the cause of such a late start. But we were rewarded by the beauty and  hushed industry of bees and butterflies as soon as we arrived. The slanting light of early evening gave the garden a  luxiourious butterry wash. Ah. En vacance. I forgot all and simply enjoyed the “dolce far niente” – Italian for the “sweet doing of nothing”.

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