Sunday, November 21, 2010

Everybody Has A Story: A Storytelling Concert by Norah Dooley

 Great fun at Cambridge Center concert where we Skyped in Eric Miller in Chennai, India. NATIONAL STORYTELLING NETWORK: CONNECT WITH INDIA on 11/20
from my friend Jeff Gere and the for sponsoring my performance
NSN Vision: Connecting people to and through storytelling

The Chennai Storytelling Association and the Mumbai Storytelling Association are wondering if there are adults and/or children in the USA who might like to videoconference with them in Chennai and Mumbai on Tellabration Day, November 20th -- just to tell and listen to folktales in English. It would be for 60-90 minutes, in the early part of the day on that Saturday (USA time)(Hawaii dunno). This 3-way videoconference will be facilitated by Reliance Communications, a huge Indian telecom company that has produced numerous Megaconferences. If interested, please contact: , Eric Miller, Director, World Storytelling Institute, Chennai, India.

The video conference worked but seemed as if every piece of my recording equipment failed due to low then, no battery power. So I clicked a few shots with my iPhone and I have a story from the audience too. Very fun! Thanks Eric Miller for the inspiration. More connections to come, I hope.

Everybody Has A Story: A Storytelling Concert by Norah Dooley by Michael Cicone

"Norah Dooley is an entrancing storyteller." - Scott Alarik, Boston Globe

Critically acclaimed author and storyteller Norah Dooley comes to the Cambridge Center for Adult Education on Saturday, November 20 at 10:30 am for an all-ages storytelling concert: Everybody Has A Story. "Norah is an inspiration," says CCAE's director of education, Michael Cicone, "and she has a wealth of stories to share - from traditional folk tales to the real-life experiences of her neighbors."
Dooley has performed all over New England, including the winter and spring Revels, Newport Folk Festival, Cambridge River Festival and Three Apples Storytelling Festival in Bedford. She is also the author of a series of beloved picture books about her former neighborhood in Cambridge, MA - Everybody Cooks Rice, Everybody Serves Soup, Everybody Brings Noodles, and Everybody Bakes Bread - which highlight the commonalities of human experience that bring all of us together.
"Norah reminds us that everyone has a compelling story to share with the world," says Cicone. "And Everybody Has A Story is a great event for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends to attend with the children in their lives. They will come away with lots of new things to talk about." Dooley is also a wonderful teacher - with a master's degree in education and a BFA in painting.

Eric Miller, PhD
Director, World Storytelling Institute (Chennai)
Assistant Professor of Story and Storytelling,
Image College of Animation, Arts, and Technology (Chennai)
"Methods and Options for Videoconferencing
in Relation to the Tamil Language in 2010,"
http://www.storytellingandvideoconfer... .
For .
"Spin Yarns, Interact with Locals, and Visit the Places of Your Fairytales,"
http://www.storytellingandvideoconfer... .

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