Sunday, October 17, 2010

stories about being transported - JP slam huge success!

Stories about being transported - JP slam huge success! Here is the story I did not get to tell - that is not a complaint - we want more new people to tell.

My father was a lace curtain-Irish/American-Edwardian-self taught orphan who ran away to join the cavalry in 1921 - by lying about his age. He was just 17. He told me a story about my great great grandfather which helped me a lot.

I told this into my cell phone while running errands on SAT. Chopped it to under 6 minutes. So it is rough. Added the Pogues and images to taste.


Doria said...

Norah, you are my hero! Having spent years working on overcoming a similar paralyzing fear of highway driving, this story really struck home for me. It is so encouraging to know that we have it within us to conquer - well, let's say tame - these powerful fears, so that we can do what we need to do in this life. And what an incredible genetic journey, from Patrick Dooley to Norah Dooley, a perfectly beautiful frame to a perfectly wonderful story. Thank you!!!

EPiszczek said...

Norah, I LOVE this story. Thank you for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS on conquering your fear. You are truly courageous! .