Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Odds and Ends...

At the May mouthoff the theme was working mothers. A kind of celebration of May Day and Mother's Day which fall in the same month. As I was in the middle of an awful time I did not have a story (- or maybe too many stories?) to tell about my own mother so riffed on the topic. I apologize that this is not so much a story as a rant.

Thanks to Doria Hughes for encouraging me and taping, editing and posting the mouthoffs for a year.

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Some video from my show at Bull Feeny's Second part of the story of Mary Read - part one is here: more to come... Thanks all who came out to Bull Feeny's to hear my stories from the life and times of Mary Read. What a fabulous audience you were and special thanks to Lynne Cullen for the venue, invite and hospitality. You mooses is great. X her mark (Mary...)
MUSIC: Mary Black - "Though I Live Not Where I Love"

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