Saturday, August 15, 2009

Curiosity ?

Transforming into Mary Read

When I was performing this month as Mary Read, I would go to Peet's to get my morning coffee dressed for work. As I walked through Coolidge Corner, no one ever asked me about my "dressed for success clothing" or even looked at me. As I ordered my favorite latte no one commented. (All the mates get lattes- right?) This went on for many days. Even when I went out to lunch each day dressed to kill, it was the same reaction. And I had the charcoal "facial hair" on me by lunch time.No one ever asked what I was doing. The staff at Peet's did finally ask our daughter about me later, though. "We were wondering, what's up with your mom?" Surprised me that no one had had the....what? Curiosity? Temerity? to engage with me f2f.

My cousin Jen filmed me talking to her mom and her son as I dressed for a bedtime story in full costume. I explained to Alex that back then women were not allowed on ships, except as passengers - never as crew. I changed, accessorized and morphed into a pirate while six year old Alex prompted and was a great audience.
Thanks, youse cousins!

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emburke said...

It does seem strange that no one ever approached you about your get up. Clearly it's theatrical, which I would think might make them curious and you more approachable to them. I initially thought that maybe they were just jaded by everyone having a personal dress code these days, but I haven't seen pirate clothing become standard since Adam Ant ruled the air waves. As always, best to you in everything that you do!