Thursday, May 28, 2009

We have landed!

We are here! The ambulance pulled in seconds before the hospice "admissions" nurse. The stairs were challenging but the two EMTs from Cataldos were wonderful. Mom/Nonna ate a sandwich, Sira made and drank some Diet Coke Ferron ran out to the store for, thickened with special corn starch and enjoyed some fruit salad and now is sleeping. Julia helped me adjust a phone line and Rosie checked in often, just to say hi.

Adelaide is in our former bedroom where we have kept our offices. She said " I feel life swirling about me" - I said we have many many speeds - swirling rapids and burbling brooks and quiet pools for relaxing contemplation. Robert and I both spend tons of time working, reading and wasting vast amounts of at our computers. So she will always have company.

Some of the equipment is a bit "de trop". But I said bring it and they did. One thing looks like a trebuchet. Are we besieging a castle tonight? It is a Hoyer lift. Adelaide looked at it and me and said "Send it back. I will walk!" Cannot blame her. If you have ever seen me drive or watched me moving her in bed, you would agree she has all her marbles when she says "No" to that lift.

Now my sister Cathy will do the night shift. I am exhausted. Sleep is looking sweet.

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