Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adelaide Maria Josephine DiBrizzi Dooley

Adelaide/Mom/Nonna passed on very peacefully. Saturday was a restless day where she ate only a little watermelon, and was hardly drinking anything. After she finally closed her eyes and fell asleep around 2AM, I went to sleep and Cathy was taking her "turn" on the night shift. Adelaide stopped breathing 3:15AM. It was so gentle and quiet a passing we could hardly believe it.

Thanks for your love and support which buoyed us through this time. It was intense but considering her advanced disease, and the harsh nature of pancreatic cancer, her death came as a blessing, quickly and more peacefully than any of us imagined possible.

Love, Norah +Cathy
e la famiglia


JandJ said...

What a beautiful piece of music for this beautiful album. Thank you for sharing.

Fly, Nonna! Hope you are enjoying peace and light and release.


Munyia said...

A New Star in the Sky ©
For: Adelaide Maria Josephine DiBrizzi Dooley
By: Peggy Melanson

I heard thunder crash and, went outside to look up
Past the newly budding treetops
I saw an opening being formed in the dark sky
It swirled and circled to make room for something…
Silver, red and bright blue iridescence
Danced around the hollow in the sky
Squinting my eyes, I was amazed to see thousands of tiny wings
Fluttering furiously, fanning the edges of the growing hole
I swear I heard them buzzing; a steady purr of movement
Suddenly a flash of brightness appeared high on the left
Astonished. I watched as liquid gold, molten and hot
Was being manipulated by two beautiful butterflies
One colorful creature flipped her right wing and rays of shimmering gold
Flew from it into the waiting wings of her friend
The radiant butterfly arranged the gold into perfect star points
Hovering and fluttering together the two bent and kissed
Each glimmering tip and quickly flung them up
To a waiting angel in the sky
They were preparing her new place in the universe
And, she became a glowing star in the night sky
And, the angel said to her, “Come, help me illuminate the night sky”
On certain nights, if you look up past the “big dipper”
You’ll see her, now free of earthly problems and worries
Twinkling and smiling and joking with the other stars
While watching over all of us
And, sharing her good light with the world

Kate Dudding said...

Dear NOrah,

What a loving tribute to your mom.

Your head and heart must be spinning from everthing which has happened. I've mentally sent you thoughts of peace and strength.


PS Maybe our moms will meet in the Celestial Parents of Storytellers club. My mother was born on May 30, 1917, and died June 2, 1987. I'm sure my mom will be glad to introduce your mom to everyone there.