Monday, March 16, 2009

Story Café - March 15th - review...

Last night we were delighted to host another terrific audience, 60+  strong,
at the Story Cafe.
We began the evening with Sarah Chouinard, a singer who has graced the Open
Mic for the last three months. Sarah offered two songs from the Celtic Women
group and at my request added Danny Boy. As always, she did not disappoint
with her crystal clear tones.

Another regular shared her original poetry for the first time and Norah's
husband Robert recited a piece as well; the name escapes me at the moment, but
it was grand! I ended the open mic session with the Irish version of One
Wish, based on Liz Weir's tale, but adapted to make it my own.

After a brief intermission Norah Dooley took the stage as our feature and
the audience was transfixed for almost an hour. We were taken away to Ireland
on the wings of story and what an trip it was! Norah delighted the crowd with
tales of the Egg Girl, The Salmon of Knowledge, The Piper and the Mermaid and
more. I was delighted to hear Norah sing in one of her stories. Not only is
her telling voice captivating but that girl can sing! Norah ended with her
own Irish version of Tailypo, which had everyone in the audience JUMP in

Unfortunately, Norah's harpist, Susan Miron, who was to accompany her was
unable to attend, due to a death in her family. She was greatly missed but of
course the audience understood. We hope to have her come another time.

It was a delightful evening and everyone was enchanted with Norah and her
easy, open style of telling. Well, she makes it look easy but it was very
evident to me that she works very hard at her craft. And the next time you see
Norah, make sure to ask her the story behind her last name; it's a corker!

We hope to see you at Artworks in New Bedford on Saturday, April 4 when Tony
Toledo will fill the room with his energy and stories!

Warm wishes,

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