Saturday, April 5, 2008

STF workshop notes -- are ready, email me.

Yours truly, the STF '08, photographer

What a great group at the workshop today. Thanks for your patience, support and participation. I really appreciated how Andrea, Dave, Kevin and all added to the collective wisdom and to Jo and Lorna who created blogs while we sat there. Bravi ragazzi! Thanks to Ari for letting us use her name and info.Special thanks to Doria for being such a gracious and hard working host and Andrea for use of her snowball mic and all her support.Mad props to Vernon for the digital projector and Kevin and Vernon for bringing "power to the people". Check out resources and links in the sidebars at

Link to your handouts follow.I have posted notes as pdf's for all who care to check it out or fear they may lose them in a tsunami of emails. Anyone may down load class notes at: or email me for a pdf.

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storyspace said...

Thanks Norah, you're da best. Great blog-site, keeps getting better and better. So much information so little time. Was fun this weekend at the conference , with your amazing workshop. Andrea