Sunday, December 23, 2007

Junior High Storytellers ~ December 18,2007

A story from West Africa and 6 junior high students. December 18,2007= Wow! Showcase
At Citizen School's South Boston Gavin campus this fall,
Andrea Lovett coordinated this project with Norah Dooley, and Doria Hughes who all volunteered as teachers in a storytelling apprenticeship.
Terry, Christline, Isaak, Carlos, Calvin, Kenny, Alfredo and Ashley,and Ryan are some of the junior high storytellers in Boston MA who participated.

Please come see some of us:
1:30PM DEC 27th @ South Boston Library
12:30PM DEC 28th @ ICA, in Boston
1:30 PM DEC 31st @ First Night, Boston 3 half hour shows

"Tricksters & Noodleheads"
Folk tales from youth of Boston's neighborhoods through Citizen Schools.
Hynes Convention Center Room 106: 1:30 PM 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM -

Please check us out on youtube too:

Talk Talk is a tale from Ghana in West Africa.
The apprentices learned this story through the oral tradition.
We shared the story frame and they created their own dialogue
and movements.
Video by Doria Hughes
Edited by Norah Dooley
Music by Gavin Music Business Apprentices

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