Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mike Daisey at the ART

I really liked Mike Daisey's show @
the ART.

I sent him these comments.
To read his ideas on storytelling...

Excerpt from my letter
<< ...As a storyteller, and I do not mean to be a purist, but the
way or fact that you use notes irks me.
Sometimes I have a little cheat sheet like the playlist
that a folk singer puts on their guitar.
I look at it during applause, in between stories
So what is my beef?
Maybe your looking down breaks the connection we have with you?
And, anyway , you have the notes and a glass o' water
AND the gigs @ the ART, right? So who am I to say?
But I digress...

Last night when you went from your experience
of 9/11 back to the history of the subway
I found myself scrambling to keep up with you - emotionally- conceptually.
In every way it was a rough transition.

Before it was a gorgeous moment - pure poetry.
Exquisit theater and deeply human. We were with you.
Then the history of subway and the fantasy
interlude in a restaurant?

I thought - Huh? What is this ? Maybe this
transition is okay for him,
A] he has heard all this before
B]he has notes.

That is the purist speaking - excuse me
while I tell her to shut up)
Still, it was jarring.
I wanted to hear more about choices- ...

Such great images!

It was at that rough transition that
I found myself looking at your
unread pile of notes and wondering
-- *sigh* how much more?
Not a Q I ever want my audience to be thinking...but I got right back
with you when the story went to Maine.
So there you are....>>

To see Mike Daisey's monologue....
"Invincible Summer" will run through April 29, followed by
"Monopoly!" May 1-6 and
"Tongues Will Wag" May 8.
For information on tickets and showtimes,
visit the ART website

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